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Name: Shelby's Extreme Makeover
Submitted: May, 10th 2018
Clip length: 20 min
Description: Shelby's gets an extreme makeover.

Name: One Hot Buzzcut
Submitted: December, 22nd 2015
Clip length: 36 mins

Name: One Smokin Hot Lady
Submitted: September, 25th 2015
Clip length: 33 Min
Description: Our model has LONG, mid back brownish red hair,,, and says PLEASE BUZZ it off. We take her through a couple of lengths and then down to 1/4 inch all over. THEN bleach her blond... She is NOW One Smokin Hot Lady! 33 Mins. NORMAL Price $12.00 EARLY BIRD PRICE UNTIL 10-10-15 $10.00

Name: Mama's Buzzcut
Submitted: April, 23rd 2014
Clip length: 12 min
Description: The mom of our recent headshave gal decides to ALMOST join her daughter. Off comes the long blonde hair for a sweet all over 1/4 buzzcut.

Name: Buzzedblonde13
Submitted: July, 21st 2013
Clip length: 20 min
Description: This gal has the RIGHT attitude for a dramatic haircut and we give her that new look. First slowly cut with scissors, then clippers than bleached blonde.

Name: Two Makeovers
Submitted: December, 10th 2011
Clip length: 13 min
Description: I do a makeover on a very pretty gal, using clippers and scissors, and we shave another gal with the clippers.

Name: Buzzing in Florida
Submitted: November, 8th 2011
Clip length: 7 min
Description: Our beach gal said BUZZ ME DOWN... so April clippered it all off.

Name: More buzzes at the beach
Submitted: November, 8th 2011
Clip length: 23 min
Description: Two gals at the beach, go for the all over buzzcut.