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Name: Long,Curly,...BALD
Submitted: April, 9th 2014
Clip length: 26 min
Description: Our cute model has LONG Curly hair and is ready for a DRASTIC change... We give it to her first with scissors, clippers and then shave her smooth. BEAUTIFUL..... EARLY BIRD PURCHASE PRICE $9.00 NORMALLY $11.00

Name: Chrissy's Headshave
Submitted: November, 10th 2013
Clip length: 20 min
Description: Chrissy wanted a change... SHE GOT IT...
DISCOUNTED... Normally $9.00 NOW LIMITED TIME $7.00

Name: Long 2 Bald 2013
Submitted: August, 25th 2013
Clip length: 35 min
Description: Our model has mid length hair and she tells me it time for it to go..... She wants it COMPLETELY gone. I give her an undercut with clippers, then scissor cut a style, then use my peanut clipper to buz it down, then the razor for a smooth head. REG PRICE $12.00 2 WEEK SPECIAL Price $10.00

Name: Not TOO Short
Submitted: April, 30th 2012
Clip length: 30 Min
Description: Our model was ready for a change but did not know how short to go, so we cut, and cut, and kept on cutting. Great sounds of scissors, and clippers slicing through her hair. She looks so much better with NO HAIR.. you be the judge.

Name: Shave it off
Submitted: March, 19th 2012
Clip length: 49 min
Description: NEW RELEASE>>> We had this young lady answer our ad in Feb. She said PLEASE shave it all off. We did not hesitate. I do several haircuts on her including using my flatopper tool. Bleach her, then buzzed and shaved her. She enjoyed it all.

Name: St Val #13
Submitted: January, 7th 2012
Clip length: 9 mins
Description: 2 More gals giving their hair for kids with cancer. From LONG TO absolutely GONE

Name: St Val #12
Submitted: December, 31st 2011
Clip length: 24 Min
Description: These two gals had LONG hair ... NOW they do NOT!!! More gals in Canada giving their hair for kids with cancer.

Name: St Val #11
Submitted: December, 29th 2011
Clip length: 17 min
Description: Three more gals give up their hair to help kids with cancer up in Canada.