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Name: Salon Buzz Makeover
Submitted: April, 23rd 2011
Clip length: 28 Min
Description: This was a GREAT makeover as our pretty blonde stylist takes our model from long hair to an all over 1/4 inch buzzcut with some bangs.

Name: Jenny gets BUZZED
Submitted: April, 23rd 2011
Clip length: 36 min
Description: I FELL in love with this beauty. The more we cut, the shorter she wanted to go. We ended up with a 1/4 inch buzz cut with about 3/4 inch bangs. We later trimmed her up and bleached her blonde. SHE WAS HOT!!!!!

Name: TWO Mohawks
Submitted: April, 1st 2011
Clip length: 24 Min
Description: If you like mohawks,,, you will love these two gals getting clipper shave mohawks.

Name: 2 clipper cuts at MB
Submitted: April, 1st 2011
Clip length: 23 min
Description: GREAT two cuts down at Myrtle Beach summer camp. One goes from almost waist length to an all over buzzcut and the other from curly shoulder length hair to a GREAT clipper cut.

Name: Mid back to BUZZCUT
Submitted: March, 23rd 2011
Clip length: 11 minutes
Description: Our college gal was ready for a big change, so OFF it came complete clipper cut all over.

Name: Jenny's little sister
Submitted: March, 3rd 2011
Clip length: 29 Min
Description: This is Jenny's little sister who has been wanting her hair cut for some time, We take her over the course of six months from mid back to a 1/4 inch buzzcut with bangs. VERY Nice...

Name: Buzz and Bleach
Submitted: March, 3rd 2011
Clip length: 38 Min
Description: Our model wants a new look so we buzz her head and then bleach it blond. She is HOT!!!! Amy comes back for another haircut weeks later....

Name: Buzz 4 kids 1
Submitted: February, 12th 2011
Clip length: 13 minutes
Description: We did a fund raising event and these are two gals that went under the clippers. NICE looking results!