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Name: A Debt is Paid!
Submitted: March, 23rd 2011
Clip length: 29 Min
Description: Our FIRST classic haircutting video. Our two models owed a debt and it was paid with their hair.... A lot of fun...(DO NOT expect great acting here...;) )

Name: Shave on the Beach
Submitted: March, 3rd 2011
Clip length: 12 Min
Description: A Spontaneous headshave down on the beach. We were packing up after a BLEAK hair cutting day when up walks this gal asking what we were doing. Then she says SHAVE ME!!!! Off it came...

Name: Red Headed Clippe Shave
Submitted: March, 3rd 2011
Clip length: 11 minutes
Description: A GREAT clipper shave! Long thick wavy red hair down to a 1/8 inch clipper shave.

Name: Shave for the Kids 1
Submitted: March, 3rd 2011
Clip length: 21 minutes
Description: Up in Asheville, we raised money for kids cancer. Our first model was a lot of fun and enjoyed her new bald head.

Name: Ms Bald Contest #1 CINN
Submitted: February, 21st 2011
Clip length: 25 min.
Description: We went to Cinn Ohio to do our first Ms Bald USA event. It was a lot of fun.

Name: Friends go Blonde
Submitted: February, 12th 2011
Clip length: 21
Description: Two friends get two GREAT makeovers from long hair. From long to short and blond.

Name: The Rose
Submitted: February, 12th 2011
Clip length: 40 Minutes
Description: If you like a little haircut fantasy, then this IS the movie for you. Mistress Kathy fulfills her haircut fantasy and then gets a head tattoo.

Name: Barber Shop Shave
Submitted: February, 2nd 2011
Clip length: 38 Min
Description: A CLASSIC PHC production!!! Gal with waist length hair argues with her boyfriend about cutting her hair, and in a dream she goes to the barber and has him give her a flat top, then a straight razor shave. ALSO watch the classic old film clip, Girl In The Kremlin,